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Video Production Gold Coast Concept Completion

A quick note about us...


We craft visual productions that inspire and engage audiences where they feature. Servicing agencies, SME’s, sole operators and start-ups. From those who know preciely what production they need. And walking through the process with those who are not sure where to begin. We offer a wide range of video production services covering all aspects of film & animation.

Balance Mobility
TVC & Online Media Production

The following package has been prepared for Balance Mobility with the aim of boosting the production value of their brand and presence on TV and online video mediums. Most important is the inclusion of the TV concept, scripting and storyboarding which will be presented to the client before production showing the messaging of the TV commercial, production value and how it intends to convert the target demographic.

The end product are 60s, 30s and 15s ads that can be utilised across both TV and Online platforms including social media ads, Google My Business, website gallery, website home sliders, youtube advertisement etc.



  • TVC Creative Concept
  • Scripting/Storyboarding


  • Full-Day Filming (Crew)
  • VO Acquisition
  • Soundtrack Acquisition
  • Editing & Animation 
  • 60s, 30s & 15s ads produced for both TV & Online 


  • TV Broadcast Spec
  • TV Broadcast Submissions – CAD Approvals & Adstream Submission


Similar production value ads:

Optional Inclusions:

+ Photography Stills

Considering a full film crew will be on-set making the effort to make sure each shot is lit well and looks the part it can be a huge benefit to have photography stills shot on the same day. This includes full-day coverage of the photgrapher, with stills culled, edited and uploaded onto an online gallery for your marketing team to access and download whenever. This ensures the brand and campaign is consistent across all your marketing platforms.

Services Included:

  • Full-Day photography coverage
  • Images culled and edited
  • Images uploaded onto an online gallery
  • Print and screen sizes provided

An example of the gallery can be seen here.

+ $1480+gst

+ Targeted Product Social Ads

This inclusion offers the client a chance to utilise the footage from the full-day shoot in order to produce 3 x additional edits that specifically target the 3 main products Balanced Mobility offer for social tageting and online ads. These 3 x seperate edits could include:

  1. Mobility Scooters
  2. Beds
  3. Aids – Walking Aids or Seating

The ads are provided in square, potrait and widescreen formats for diverse online applications.

  • 3 x Product Specific Videos
  • Potrait edits
  • Square edits
  • 16:9 edits

+ $1600+gst

Other Work We've Done...

Product Launch – Hills Australia
Services Included:
  • Creative Concept
  • Storyboarding
  • Talent Sourcing & Acquisition
  • Location Sourcing & Acquisition
  • Filming (Full crew)
  • Editing & Animation
  • Soundtrack Acquisition
Animated Explainer – X02
Services Included:
  • Concept Development
  • Storyboarding
  • Asset Mapping
  • Graphic Design
  • Animation
  • Soundtrack Acquisition
  • Master & Export
Business Promo – Cams Crazy 8s
Services Included:
  • Concept Development
  • Storyboarding
  • Filming (light crew x 2)
  • Editing & Animtion
  • Soundtrack Acquisition
  • Master & Export 

I and the team have collaborated with Phyd on many video projects. Nathanael and the team are passionate, professional and deliver great production. The Phyd team are a regular part of our extended team and we enjoy working with them.

Stuart LeoCEO, Blirt

I have worked with Phyd Creative over a number of years, producing videos for clients in a broad range of industries. Nathanael and the team are amazing at grasping new concepts quickly and producing premium content that the companies I work for love. Their creativity is inspiring and their tenacity is an asset to any project.

Sarina QuinlanMarketing Consultant, Now Marketing Manager at TracMap

Phyd are a life-savers! We work within very tight deadlines for everything we do, and Phyd Creative are so flexible in achieving what we need with zero fuss and at times, minimal notice! The videos Phyd produces for us are of an amazing standard, their speed of service having no impact what-so-ever on the quality of the final product.

Kate ClarkCrust Pizza, Brand Manager

Phyd Creative are more than masters of their craft: they are easy to deal with, highly professional and always exceed expectations.

Rob RedenbachAuthor & Speaker

In my line of work first impressions AND substance are vital. I need to be able to trust those I work with to present me in line with my standards and values. Phyd Creative are able to capture my thoughts and images, they then do their magic on my behalf to deliver exceptional work and do so in great humour.

Dan CollinsOlympic Medalist, Speaker, Trainer & Consultant.
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